JoJo – Tanerélle – Lindsey Lomis // New York, NY // 3.26.22

JoJo with Tanerélle and Lindsey Lomis

Terminal 5

New York, NY

March 26th, 2022

I arrived at every New Yorkers favorite least favorite venue, Terminal 5, on the evening of March 26th. The mid-2000’s were coming back stronger than ever, even if just for one night, as R&B sensation JoJo had sold out Terminal 5 for what everyone anticipated to be a killer performance. The weather was chilly, but expected for the first week of spring as fans lined up down the block and then some for their chance to see JoJo perform live. Opening acts Lindsey Lomis and Tanerélle were joining JoJo on this tour and fans were expecting a stacked evening of live music and sheer talent. 

At 8pm promptly, a petite young girl took to the massive Terminal 5 stage with just her guitar and a thermal coffee mug. Placing the mug in the cupholder attached to her microphone, the girl looked out into the crowd with a smile beaming on her face. “What’s up New York? I’m Lindsey Lomis and I’m going to play some songs for you. Is it cool if I do that?” She asked the crowd, who showed their approval in hoots, hollers and claps galore. Immediately, all of us inside that venue were blown away. The set of pipes that Lomis has is incredible. Her silk, caramel-like voice soothed the crowd that evening and the smiles never faded from her face. This tour with JoJo was only her third tour and she was doing it with the help of her parents and their Subaru Outback — touring in absolute style! While the crowd laughed, this is the reality for smaller musicians who are just starting out. However, for Lomis, it’s clear that this will be the one and only Subaru Outback tour she does. Her talent speaks for itself and it will be so exciting to see what the future holds for her.

After a short set change, the goddess on Earth that is Tanerélle took to the stage. Wearing a leather lingerie set, donned with chains and heels with pearls around the ankle, it was clear that Tanerélle did not come to play. Her deep, silky voice radiated throughout the venue and pure sensuality dripped from Tanerélle throughout her performance. Personally, I am a massive Tanerélle fan and this opportunity to see her on her first nationwide tour did not disappoint. Tanerélle captivated the audience inside Terminal 5 for her roughly 30 minute performance. As I watched from the third floor balcony, Tanerélle entranced the crowd during her performance of her hit song “Mama Saturn”. Chills were sent down my spine as I watched her command the attention of every individual inside that venue. She may have only been an opening act, but she made that performance her headlining performance! 

Another brief set changed ensued before the lights went dark and intro music began to play. A spotlight shot onto a white sheet that hung from the ceiling and immediately, JoJo’s silhouette appeared. Opening her performance with “What U Need”, the sheet dropped and JoJo strutted her way to the front of the stage. The crowd erupted in overjoyed screams and JoJo did what she does best — put on one hell of a performance! 

The sold out venue was in awe of JoJo’s talent that evening. She gave fans all they could have wanted and more, serving them a 24 song setlist that included some fan favorite covers of songs including Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain”, Drake’s “Marvins Room” and SWV’s “Weak”. One of the most special moments, to me, was during “Say Love”, when JoJo turned the microphone outward to the crowd and I watched several fans in the front row fight back tears of joy and happiness in order to belt out the lyrics that clearly meant so much to them. 

JoJo’s performance on Saturday evening was a special occasion for so many reasons. Special guest, PJ Morton, took to the stage roughly halfway through the setlist to join JoJo for a performance of their Grammy winning song, “Say So”. Of course, the encore included back to back favorites and mid-2000’s pop anthems, “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave (Get Out)”. As the night came to a close, JoJo stood at center stage thanking the crowd for joining her that evening. JoJo had just completed her largest sold out New York City performance of her career and we were all feeling the love inside Terminal 5 that evening. It will truly be a concert for the books! 

Lindsey Lomis



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