Jelly Kelly premieres their new single “Xerox Blood”

Jelly Kelly is an up and coming band that hails from the bustling Brooklyn, NY.  Started by Keith Kelly (vocals/guitar), initially as a side project from singing and playing guitar in Monogold, this has now become its own entity and band.  Jared Apuzzo (drums), Nicolas Dube (guitar) and Dom Bodo (bass) round out the lineup.  Their first EP Fresh Paint was welcomed with great reception, followed by a quarantine record of B sides called ” O Earth You Mean The World To Me”, where 100% of all proceeds went to various causes.  Their upcoming EP Body Temp is their finest work according to the band.  But what else should they say?  Because they are spot on.  Today sees the premiere of their newest single, and accompanying video for, “Xerox Blood,” from the forthcoming EP.  This song is reminiscent of David Bowie, U2, and Simple Minds with a classic 80’s pop sound.  They employ both synthetic sounds with the bubbling effect and the guitar as the overall melody.  The video is captivating visuals which bring to life the very essence of the band.  Body Temp drops next week on 11/18 as our eager ears await.


“There was a moment in my life when I was looking around at my neighbors, friends and some members of my family and decided, I don’t want my life to look like that. From such a young age sometimes we’re all taught to never scribble outside the lines. Walk in perfect sync with the status quo, and sure maybe it’s ok to be different, but only as long as it’s the same different as everyone else.  This song is literally about waking up in the middle of this life, in the middle of this neighborhood, every driveway and home a copy of a copy of a copy, and trying to come to terms that it’s not you and it never has been. You’ll never out run yourself and sometimes life is longer than you think so don’t be scared. Bullshitting yourself is much worse.”



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