Iris releases acoustic video for debut song “Crazy”

LA-based pop artist Iris has recently embarked on a solo career and released her debut track “Crazy”, which was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Malay (John Legend/Frank Ocean) and co-written by Josh Hendrick.  “Love doesn’t make sense,” says Iris. “You seem crazy to the ones around you. The thoughts that consume you and the things that you do seem out of character, but that’s what love can make you do – it will change you.”  The song created enough buzz that it was chosen to appear in the newest season of the hit Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.  Hailing from New Jersey with Icelandic roots, Iris was formerly a part of the indie rock band Linus Young.  When the band called it quits, Iris decided to pursue a solo career.  With influences such as Stevie Nicks, Coldplay, John Mayer, Led Zeppelin and Alicia Keys, her sound is a fusion of alt pop and rock and she is forging ahead with her own unique sound and creating plenty of momentum along the way!  Iris released an acoustic video for “Crazy” on April 18th, which you can watch below.  You can follow Iris and stay up-to-date on all upcoming music and tour dates via her Instagram page HERE.  You can also stream and purchase “Crazy” on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and Deezer.

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