Interview with Mackenzie Shivers

A while back our editor Cynthia Lam got a chance to asked the adorable folk singer MacKenzie Shivers a few questions. Check out our interview with below.

1. How hasgetting a degree in music composition and theory helped in your musical career?

It’s wonderful, because I can apply my music lessons to my songwriting.  I’ll be recording a part on the organ, and I’ll remember the part writing rules I learned in my first theory class.   I think that when you know the rules, you can have more creative freedom.

2. Your new single “4th of July” is wonderful! How did the song come to be and and what was the writing and recording process like?

Thank you!  I wrote that song after my sister moved from New York to California.  We are very close, and it was hard not knowing when we’d see each other next.  We decided we’d be able to see each other on Veterans Day, but I changed it to 4th of July in the song.  The recording process was amazing, because I think the other instruments added so much.  I love what Stephen Chopek did on the drums!

3. You are also an actress – do you find it difficult to balance that career with your musical one?

I do.  Right now I’m really focusing on music and putting my efforts into the album, which I’m very excited about.  But I’ve always believed that honing your skills in one art form will enhance another.  I think my experiences as an actor have helped me be a better musician, and vice versa.  So even though it can be difficult, I to try to balance it as much as I can.

4. How is the NYC music scene like? What is your favourite/least favourite thing about it?

It’s challenging and exciting.  The audiences never cease to amaze me with their receptiveness and warmth.  It can be scary playing in front of people whether they’re friends or strangers.  But whenever I play a show in NYC, the audiences are usually quite attentive and encouraging.  However, I wish more of the intimate venues had pianos!

Check out Macknzie’s debut LP “Neverland” Now out on iTunes!

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