Colony House – Little Image // Louisville, KY // 2.19.23

Colony House with Little Image

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

February 19th, 2023


Tennessee indie rock band Colony House brought their The Cannonballers Tour to Louisville, KY on February 19th to a packed house! Touring in support of their recently released 4th studio album, The Cannonballers, fans filled the venue this evening and were ready to have fun! Opening the show this evening was Dallas 3-piece indie rock band Little Image. “This is our first time visiting and playing in KY”, announced singer/guitarist Jackson Simmons early in their set. Rounded out with Brandon Walters (bass/synth) and Troy Bruner (Drums), these guys had a fun and upbeat energy and interacted frequently with each other on stage and with the crowd. Having released their 5 song album OUT OF MY MIND in January of this year, they performed songs from the album and had the crowd dancing and in good spirits. “We’re gonna need a little help here”, declared Simmons at one point. “Can you jump for me? We have to get you warmed up for Colony House!”. The band also announced that they have a new album coming out in May and performed a song from the album. Towards the end of their set, Simmons told the crowd “Man…you guys are rowdy! I love it! We are so honored to be here with Colony House and with you. This is only the third show of the tour but it feels like we’ve done a whole tour because we are having so much fun! We’ll be back at the merch table after the show, so come and say hi!”. They definitely made some new fans this evening! Make sure to check them out, as their live show is not one to be missed!

Closing out the evening was Colony House. Having formed in 2009, the band has grown a passionate fan base over the years and really shows their fans a lot of love and appreciation. Singer/guitarist Caleb Chapman chatted with the crowd often during the set, and the vibes this evening were full of a mutual sense of love and fun between the band and their fans. Starting the set off with “Landlocked Surf Rock”, “Would Ya Could Ya”, and “Silhouettes”, they had the crowd moving and singing along from the first note. Early on Chapman said “Are you feeling alright this Sunday? We feel the same! Welcome to night 3 of The Cannonballers Tour. This is about as close to home as we’ll get. I love KY! My dad is from KY. We appreciate you being here, as there is a lot that goes into planning to go to a show-gas…food…babysitters.” These guys always give 110% on stage, with evening being no different, and were clearly having a blast with each other and with their fans. As they were about to perform “Moving Forward” from their 2014 album When I Was Younger, Chapman told the crowd how “When we started putting this show together, we contemplated this song and how we wanted to sing it and decided to sing it the same way we always have! We love singing it with ya’ll singing along. If it’s cool with you, we’re going to have a kumbaya moment. Do ya’ll feel warmed up?”

A fun moment during the set occured when Chapman had his father, who is from KY, come out on stage to sing a song with him! By the end of the song, the guys in Little Image joined Colony House on stage and sang along with Caleb and his dad. Chapman also brought a fan named Levi up on stage to play guitar on the track “2:20”, after asking the crowd if anyone knew the guitar part, and he killed it! He was clearly having a great time performing on stage with the band and the band was noticeably impressed that he played the guitar part so well! Towards the end of the set, he told the crowd “Give it up one more time for Little Image! We have known them for a long time. Next time we are in Louisville, come see us open up for them!”. On a more serious note, he then talked about starting Exist For Good. “We’ve been a band for over 10 years and something we started a few years ago was Exist For Good. There are so many amazing moments at shows and we look around before touring and find a good cause to talk about. In lieu of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, we wondered what we could do. We came up with a small campaign called Give 5-give five dollars. You can go to to give. We are trying to do something little, that if we all do it, can be something big!”. As they were winding down their set, they performed a few songs that were more mellow and subdued- “Caught Me By Surprise”, “I’m Not Dying”, and “Second Guessing Games”-before bring the energy again! Performing “Why Even Try”, “Looking For Some Light”, and “Do You Ever Feel”, they ended their set with lots of energy with “Cannonballers” and “You Know It”! It was a super fun and upbeat evening filled with dancing, singing, and lots of fun banter and interaction from the bands!






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