Friday Is Forever Tour – Houston, TX

The Friday is Forever Tour also doubled as the first day The Summer Set’s new album “Everything’s Fine” hit the charts. While the band checked iTunes charts and the crowd was getting pumped by wonderful openers Action Item and Hot Chelle Rae. Action Item are totally worth seeing more than once, with only five songs on their set they brought so much life to the crowd. The same thing with Hot Chelle Rae, since their the only band on the Top 40’s chart in Houston, TX they seemed to have the most fans. Next was The Downtown Fiction, who it hard opening up their single “Thanks for Nothing Kiss My A**” which was perfect. After that the newly grown-up The Summer Set took stage and played the best I’ve ever seen them play. For the past couple of years I’ve seen this band grow from a bunch of awkward teenagers to these almost full grown rockstar’s and this night was their night. Last was the headliners of the night, it was pretty hard to follow The Summer Set, but I think We the King’s did a pretty good job at telling them showing them who the real headliners were. The night ended with some good old fashion dancing and pure fun.

By Sarah Lozano

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