Eye Alaska Over

Eye Alaska have decided to call it quits read the bands touching statement to their fans below:

It seems like a lifetime ago the five of us started this journey as Eye Alaska. When we first piled into our touring van, we had no idea that we would take this band as far as we did. We met so many amazing people, explored so many places, and have all been changed forever by the experience. We’ve all realized the true impact of how music and the people behind the music can affect and ultimately change a person’s life.

This last year and a half has been a time of intense soul searching for all of us. That search has led us all on different paths. Some out of music altogether and some to pursue music in a different way.

We hope that the vision of Eye Alaska will live on with fans, and we hope that you will grow with us as we transition into different adventures in music and in life. We will never forget how you have changed us. Thank you

-Eye Alaska


How do you guy’s feel about Eye Alaska breaking-up?

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