Drishti Beats releases new single “Give It All” in honor of International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice

Downtempo electronic group Drishti Beats recently released their new single “Give It All” in honor of the recent International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice.  Overflowing with positive energy, jazzy beats seamlessly combine with vibrant, melodic electronic production to open our hearts and connect us to the yogic “breakthrough.”  As breakthroughs happen off the mat just as much as on the mat, “Give It All” describes the feeling of not being able to hold back anymore, just going for it, and completely letting go.  As it is natural to battle self-doubt and negative thoughts, “Give It All” grants listeners the strength to live into their power and let their worries fade away.  “Give It All” delivers a euphoric and uplifting electronic music experience chock-full of radiance and luminosity.  “Our goal is to enforce a positive mindset through lyrics and rap, not only to enhance the yogic practice during our Live Yoga and Music Experience but to promote forward thinking even just through listening,” says the band.  “A great dance track perfect for a sunny day, we hope “Give It All” will provide you with delicious and amazing energy.”



Drishti Beats is a live band yoga class experience.  The band produces live downtempo electronic chill music for their signature yoga classes and sheer listening pleasure.  Found on all music platforms, including their own Pandora Station, Drishti Beats continues to build momentum in both the downtempo chill and world music genres.  With the Lowell family at its core, Lori and Jeremy (husband and wife) are the co-founders and creators of Drishti Beats who provide the class experience and are accompanied by an esteemed group of musicians including their daughter vocalist Ariel, their son Alec (beatboxing/rapper/producer), saxophonist Ricardo Branco, and violinist Carol Carlson.  Their collaboration has resulted in a beautiful singular sound and one of a kind yoga class experience that celebrates positivity and the joy of being alive.  At times Drishti Beats provides one of a kind dynamic yoga classes but their live music set can also stand alone to deliver a radiant and electrifying set to eagerly enthralled audiences.  Watching the musicians perform on stage while Lori and Jeremy mindfully and expertly guide participants through yoga flows, speaks loudly to the celebration of music to a movement experience.  Drishti Beats has brought their dynamic stage performance replete with skillful musician collaboration to festivals around the globe such as EDC Las Vegas and Mysteryland.  You can connect with Drishti Beats via the following links:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud | iTunes/Apple Music | YouTube | Deezer | Google Play


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