Big Eyes kicking off their tour at Union Pool in Brooklyn on 3/30

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On March 30th, Big Eyes will be playing their record release show for “Streets of the Lost”  at Union Pool in Brooklyn. We were lucky enough to be able to send them some questions that Kait answered below about their album, tour must-haves, favorite places in NYC and more.


What is your favorite album to listen to while on the road?
Weird Al’s “Dare to Be Stupid” is a great palette cleanser and a solid way to lift your mood!
Outside of music, do you have any other talents/hobbies?
I am big into sci-fi and horror, both movies and books. I am currently reading “Phoenix in Obsidian” by Michael Moorcock, and book 6 of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series.
What is your writing and recording process like?
Whenever a chord progression, melody or riff pops into my head, I record it on my phone. I turn it into a full song at home, and write lyrics after the music is all done. When we record, we track all the instruments live, and then overdub vocals, additional guitar, flourishes, etc.
What’s your favorite venue in NYC/Brooklyn? In the U.S.?
Union Pool is my favorite venue in Brooklyn! Great sounding room, easy location for people to get to, fairly priced drinks, etc! So glad we are able to have our record release there. Some other favorite venues are The Empty Bottle in Chicago, Mickey’s in Madison, WI and The Triple Rock in Minneapolis (RIP!).
Favorite place to go to in NYC? ( park/museum/coffee shop, music store, etc. )
Spicy Village (Chinese food in Chinatown, Manhattan), Fortunato Brothers (Italian bakery/cafe in Williamsburg), Ice House (bar in Red Hook), Greenwood Cemetery (Sunset Park), and of course, Coney Island!!!
What’s your favorite song to play live?
“Hourglass” off our new album “Streets of the Lost”! We have actually been playing this song for a few years, and I’m so glad it’s finally coming out on an album. It’s one of our tightest songs at this point, and it has really big energy, and an extremely fun guitar harmony at the end!
If you were stranded on an island and could only listen to five albums while there what would they be and why?
1. Alice Cooper “Love it to Death” – Every song on this album is perfect.
2. Iron Maiden “Killers” – I NEVER ever get sick of this album and it always puts me in a solid mood.
3. Beatles “Rubber Soul” – My favorite Beatles album.
4. Squeeze “East Side Story” – My favorite Squeeze album! Love this band
5. Pilot “Second Flight” – My latest obsession!
What are your must-haves while on the road touring?
Books, headphones, Emergen-cee, dried fruit/snacks, hand sanitizer, deck of playing cards, extra pillow case
What do you want your fans to get/take away from your new album “Streets of the Lost” coming out April 5th on Greenway Records?
Our album ”Streets of the Lost” was majorly inspired by the 1983 LIFE magazine photo series of the same name, as well as the documentary “Streetwise,” both of which focus on the same group of homeless youth in the early 80s in Seattle. I hope that our album serves as a reminder for people to be grateful, patient, and empathetic, because a lot of people have really got it tough.
Be sure to check them out while they’re on the road.
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