Bedroom Pop duo Sleepy Soul release coming of age single + music video for “Self”

Bedroom pop duo Sleepy Soul is excited to share their new single and music video “Self,” out today. The track is the second single featured on their forthcoming untitled EP release, a follow up to 2020’s Hazy.  Deeply introspective, “Self” reflects on the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in their mid-twenties.  An amalgamation of indie pop melodies, bedroom beats, dreamy synths, and dulcet vocals with an accent of electronic lo-fi and jazz, Sleepy Soul delivers a powerful coming of age song that dynamically reflects their personal narrative.  The accompanying video uses to dynamic cinematography to give viewers a glimpse into the duo’s colorful musical world as they drive down a narrow small town Midwestern highway. The music video poignantly expresses their musicianship, drawing us into their kaleidoscopic, sonically rich world. 


“When we wrote “Self,” we were focused on processing the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in our mid-20s. It’s a time when you’re expected to map out your entire future. Many people have no idea what they’re doing, including us. We hope “Self” helps listeners feel less alone in the world if only for a brief moment in time.” -Sleepy Soul 





Sleepy Soul is a Saint Louis/Minneapolis-based bedroom pop duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists and bandmates Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre.  Together Michael and Nick seamlessly combine indie pop, driving indie rock, chillwave, ethereal vocals, and soulful melodies to create their own unique and forward thinking style of melancholy music.  Originally college bandmates, Michael and Nick musically reunited four years after graduation and began passing tracks back and forth despite living in separate states.  The duo worked towards perfecting the Sleepy Soul sound today that ingeniously melds together infectious downtempo melodies with warbly guitar tones, cheesy synths, and super smooth, introspective vocals.  Lyrically, their music powerfully explores the universal themes of love and loneliness.  A complete DIY project, Sleepy Soul has already found their way into Spotify’s Fresh Finds.  Undoubtedly, the duo’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP release will further solidify their place on the indie music map.  You can connect with Sleepy Soul via Instagram | Facebook | Spotify 






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