Barely Blind EP giveaway

Barely Blind is giving away thri EP for free on Facebook. You can get it here and below is a statement from the band!

We would like to offer our latest EP, My Life With A Giant, for free on our Facebook page to anyone that wants it, but doesn’t have it. By this time, that music is over two years old to the world and three for us personally. Since then, we’ve been hard at work writing our first full length. So, looking back on making My Life With a Giant, it leaves us with some laughs! We didn’t even have lyrics written until we were in the studio! This time around we are being patient. We are being diligent. We are also excited to keep this band going. We’re heading back to our good buddy Korey Gable’s studio in Lancaster, PA to work out the first draft of our full length album. This is the same place we recorded “Nature of the Beast” and “Love! (Isn’t Everything).” Two songs from this session will be released before we relocate and officially record the full length record. We can’t wait to record “The Great White Buffalo.”

Download our 7-song My Life With a Giant EP for FREE at

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