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Encapsulating the perfect blend of folk rock and a beautiful serene voice is Jodee, a talented solo artist who has recently released her After The Hurricane EP. We had the chance to ask Jodee a couple of questions recently.

When was it that you knew you wanted to pursue music as a career? Was there a defining moment for you?
I feel like it was a dream of mine to sing professionally since before I even knew to dream for the future. I remember at 5 years old wanting to be in the choir at our church, and my mom explaining that 5 year olds weren’t old enough to join the choir. I cant remember exactly how it happened, but I know I became the youngest ever to join the choir. 😉

My family didn’t have money, and my sisters were “old enough” to take piano lessons, but I was 4 and too young…. so I would wait till they would finish practicing and then I would sit at the piano and pick notes until I could play what they could. I learned to play by ear…..
I guess you could say at a very young age…. girl is persistent!


What has been the most difficult challenge for you so far in your musical career? How did you overcome it?
I would have to say performing live. I love making music, but performing live for me is often terrifying. I guess as a performer and song writer you just want to be accepted and understood. Sometimes that is scary in a live setting. I am learning to overcome that the more I perform. Each time is a little better.


Your new EP is also fantastic! Is there a concept or theme behind the album that you wish to send to listeners?
Thank you so much. Absolutely, This EP in particular is so special to me. I was in the process of making this EP when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was so proud of me and my music. I wanted so much for him to be a part of it. After The Hurricane was completed just after he passed away, and as a dedication to him, It is titled After The Hurricane which was the song I wrote about losing him. I know he would be proud of it as am I. For this reason, it will always be so special.


What has been your favourite song you’ve written about so far and how did you get the inspiration for the song?
Well the most meaningful song so far, was After The Hurricane for the reasons I just mentioned. Every time I listen to it, I’m reminded of that time in my life, and how precious time is.
My favorite song is a tough one….but if I were to chose I would have to say Ghosts of California. It was written at a time in my life when I was first really pursuing music fully, and bringing songs I was writing to life. It was about an incredible time in California….the excitement, journey, friendships, performing, and then going back east where it was hard to find the musical connections. I would long to go back to CA …. Its amazing how listening to a certain song, can take you back to an exact time in life…..and how it can feel as though it were yesterday. I still am taken back when I hear it.
I love all of the songs for such different reasons.


Do you have any advice for any other solo musicians who wish to start making music?
To be yourself. Trust that there are others who can relate and will share in the music you love to create….so be yourself and be free to create what you feel. The more honest you are with yourself, the better.
Not everyone gets it, and its ok. At times it can be challenging, but always stay true to who you are and be authentic always.


Where do you see yourself in five years?
Making music, and performing so much I no longer have the fear, and i’m so busy performing I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it is! 😉

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