Album Review: Tilted Axes Creates Experimental Art Album

Tilted Axes is an eclectic collective of musicians storming the streets of New York City with nothing but electric guitars and amps on their backs. The group consists of over a dozen artists and musicians creating music for the purpose of inspiring public reactions. While the group is based in New York City, they have subgroups all across the globe and play in museums, on the subway, and at local festivals. Their newest album, Music for Mobile Electric Guitars, combines theatrical performance and collaboration with each musician’s sound and personality.

The album is entirely instrumental and offers listeners a glimpse into the group’s continual efforts to excite audiences and cater to ‘the moment’. While these tracks have been recorded in a studio in New York City, the songs were created in a live setting and customized to capture the vibe at the time. While the album is centered around electric guitars, each track feels like an homage to a different musical genre. From world beats and punk rock to Latin-inspired melodies, Music for Mobile Electric Guitars asks the audience to participate in this collective by listening not just to the album, but to the individual musicians who have come together to create this powerful and exciting piece of work.

To listen to Music for Mobile Electric Guitars, check out Tilted Axes’ Bandcamp page here.

Tilted Axes (Facebook):

Review by Kate Daly

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