Album Review: Reel Big Fish ‘Candy Coated Fury’

Veterans of the ska-punk scene, Reel Big Fish has come forth with their latest album Candy Coated Fury. The kind of people who would love this record would be the ones who enjoy it when bands stick to their guns and embrace their roots. Candy Coated Fury is an album that represents RBS as who they are, who they started out as and seemingly, who they’ll always be. Although, CCF lacks distinguishable vibes and fresh creativity. The album’s opener and closer give the album a little edge of positivity, ’’The Promise’’ makes itself out to be a slow reggae-infused track and is definitely a great way to end the album. However, as a big fan of diversity in music, this record barely does anything for me. I have a lot of respect for RBS for not compromising their sound for anyone and staying true to themselves but in a generation where versatility breathes efficiency, they need to tear down that perpetual angsty exterior if they ever want to grow at all.

By Roxanne Asthenia.

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