Tigers Jaw
Self-Titled Ten Year Anniversary Tour
Bottom Lounge

Chicago, IL

Words and images by Micki Harris

Ten short years ago, Tigers Jaw released their self-titled full length record, featuring some of their most well known tracks. The album was a huge hit throughout the pop-punk fan base, reaching many with its poignant lyrics like those from “I Saw Water” — ‘But me? Well, of course I liked you.’

With the release of this record, Tigers Jaw made an established name for themselves in the pop-punk scene. The once five piece group, now two piece duo, has since released two more full lengths, exploring different moods, sounds, and lyric content since the shifts in the group dynamic have ensued.

This past Saturday night, Chicago’s Bottom Lounge was filled wall to wall with old Tigers Jaw fans and new, eagerly awaiting to hear every song off the self-titled and connecting with the inner feeling of nostalgia the tracks would invite. For many, this album was the soundtrack to their high school experience, to falling in love for the first time, or for experiencing loss. In any event, the emotional energy in the venue was palpable.

Tigers Jaw spent the first half of their set playing songs off various records and splits, giving everyone at the show, old fans and new, something to sing along to. After the first half, they took a short intermission and then came out to play the self-titled record from cover to cover.


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