The Maine’s Pat Kirch Talks Decision Behind Free Tour


The Maine’s Pat Kirch (drummer) took to the band’s Facebook page to talk about the current tour they are on which is completely free to all fans that attend. The decision for a free tour is something not heard of much in the music industry and Pat decided to share with fans about why The Maine decided on it. Read his full statement below and head here to see if The Maine is stopping your city this summer and fall:

Why are we doing a free tour?

This questions has been asked so many times over the last few months I figured it should be explained a little bit. We have been a band for 8 years and have toured all around the world too many times to count, we have met hundreds of thousands of amazing people that support what we do as a band. These people buy a ticket to see us play multiple times a year and are there without fail. Phrases like “we wouldn’t be here without our fans” are so over used that I don’t even want to say that even though I understand and mean it at the deepest level. Rather than just saying thank you we decided to put this thought into action and show that we mean it.

People have seen us play over 150 times, others have seen us one time. Either way you make it possible for us to get from show to show and play music full time. That is why this show is on us. You don’t need to buy a ticket you just come and bring a friend with you and enjoy the evening! There is no trick here, no cooperate sponsor footing the bill it is simply just our gift to you for supporting what we do. That has been a hard thing for some people to understand I think, I feel sometimes like people in the industry or otherwise are trying to find out how it is all possible and there is no secret to be found.

My brother and our manager booked 97% of these shows and did whatever it took to make a free tour happen. We were shot down so many times and thought it might not come together but he just kept pushing until the entire tour was booked. We are so proud to be able to give you guys this tour as a gift and it is something we never thought would actually happen. Can’t wait to see you at a show and play some music for you. For those asking how to help the biggest thing is just coming out to the shows and bringing as many people as possible with you. If you would like to help us out with a few bucks for gas you can get all the info at and there is a way to help without spending a single dollar. Thank you for the past 8 years. We love you all we hope this is a small part in showing you that with action.


Patrick John Kirch

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