The Maine To Release New Film


The Maine’s Pat Kirch recently shared that the band recently wrapped up their new film “An Evening With The Maine”. The film is expected to be released later this year.

“Just had the chance to watch the final edit of our “An Acoustic Evening With The Maine…” concert/film! So excited for you all to see it. It exceeded expectations and really shows where our band is at right now. Big thanks to everyone involved in putting it together, our 8123 family is the best in the world. Feels good to come back home and see how hard everyone is working while we are on the road. It will be coming your way before you know it…

Now I am going to try and fall asleep again. Can;t let jet lag get the best of me. Talk to you guys soon I can not wait for the Brazil tour and of course Warped.

So long from Arizona,


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