Jared & The Mill release an acoustic version of “Wilderness Call”

Jared & The Mill recently released an acoustic reimagining of ”Wilderness Call” from their recently released album This Story Is No Longer Available.  Frontman Jared Kolesar describes the song as “sort of a bargaining dialogue with the self, the self-reflection of ‘I may have done things I regret, but that doesn’t Continue Reading

Jared & The Mill’s new album ‘This Story Is No Longer Available’ to be released on February 15th

Phoenix-based Western Indie Rock band Jared & The Mill will release their new album This Story Is No Longer Available on February the 15th.  The band is comprised of Jared Kolesar, Michael Carter, Larry Gast III, Chuck Morriss III and Josh Morin.  They recently released the single “Broken Bird” which highlights Continue Reading

Jared & The Mill release their new single “Kelsee’s Shelves” and partner with Can’d Aid

Yesterday marked the release of Jared & The Mill’s latest single “Kelsee’s Shelves” which will be included on their forthcoming album, This Story Is No Longer Available,  set for release on February 15, 2019. The Album will feature the band’s four previously-released singles, including “Soul In Mind” which was called “authentic” and “open-minded” by Billboard, Continue Reading