Steel Panther – Moon Fever – Dovydas // Louisville, KY // 12.16.23

Steel Panther with Moon Fever and Dovydas

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

December 16th, 2023

California comedic glam metal band Steel Panther brought their Winter Holidaze Tour to Mercury Ballroom recently to a packed house! The venue was filled with fans, many of whom were clad in denim vests, long-haired wigs, and neon, brightly colored Steel Panther bandanas tied around their foreheads. It was clear that the band has many diehard fans, many of whom were in attendance this evening. The band radiates heavy glam metal vibes, with members Michael Starr (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Satchel (electric 7 acoustic guitar/backing vocals), Stix Zadinia (drums/percussion/keys/piano/backing vocals), and Spyder (bass/backing vocals) looking like they could have stepped straight out the 80’s metal scene. From the moment they came out on stage, their energy level was at 110%, with the crowd giving as much energy right back to the band. On tour to promote their latest album On The Prowl, the band performed the tracks from the album “Ain’t Dead Yet” and “Friends With Benefits”, as well as plenty of older tracks such as “Eyes Of A Panther”, “Death To All”, “Community Property”, “Party All Day”, and “Party Like It’s The End Of The World”. And it was definitely a party atmosphere. The band chatted with the crowd, and each other, quite a bit between songs, with raunchy comedy, jokes, and banter taking center stage during the set. They also invited fans on stage to join in the raunchy and suggestive antics, with the fans on stage being good sports about their participation. The crowd was loving it and having a great time, singing , dancing, and engaging in plenty of laughter throughout the set.

Early in the set, Satchel joked around with the crowd saying “I wanna introduce you to one of the most amazing heavy metal singers in the world. A heavy metal legend. A heavy metal icon. A guy who has influenced an entire generation of kids. Unfortunately Vince Neil wasn’t around!”. He went onto say how “He (Michael Starr) loves heavy metal and can have any woman he wants, once I’m done with them!”. Being a holiday tour, the band decorated the stage with lights to give it a festive feel. The band said how they love Louisville and that it is one of their favorite cities to play. Satchel also joked later that, “Steel Panther aims to bring heavy metal back with amazing singing, guitar playing, drumming…and average bass playing”, which elicited plenty of laughs. Ending the night with “Gloryhole”, they gave the crowd a great night of fun and laughter! Lithuanian rock artist/composer/multi-instrumentalist DOVYDAS opened the show and wowed the crowd with his fun energy and incredible guitar playing. Also opening the show this evening was Seattle band Moon Fever who played high-energy rock and roll with a punk rock twist. Whether it was spending a great deal of time at the barricade singing into the crowd, standing and jumping off of speakers, or dancing around the stage, singer Triston Bracht is a dynamic front man! Overall it was a fun and high energy night of music!





Moon Fever


Steel Panther

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