Spotlight: Feathery Things

How did Feathery Things begin? On a concept, idea, inspiration, etc?
Feathery Things began last Summer in July when I was really into the whole feather idea and I really wanted some for myself but I couldn’t find any that I really liked or that I could afford, so I decided to make my own. I easily figured out that feathers come in bulk so I made more than feathers for just myself and I sold some online and realized people loved them! The business has no grown to hair feathers, hair earrings, apparel, ear cuffs, necklaces, bag clips, and more. I’ve always been really crafty and liked to make things to wear, so when I had this idea to make the feathers to wear, I was stoked on it. When people wanted to buy them, that was pretty much the coolest part that people wanted to buy things I made, so I knew this was something I really loved to do.

I understand that feather earrings, cuffs and hair accessories are quite popular now in the fashion industry. What distinguishes your products from other competition?
The feathers I design are different from competition because of their versatility and originality in design. I design my feathers for all hair lengths; even extremely short hair (ear cuffs!). The feathers come on alligator clips so they can be worn in your hair, on a bag, on a rear view mirror in your car, belt loops, anything you can think of. Most of the competition I see use somewhat bland clips that slip off easily and can’t really be worn anywhere else other than hair. As for design, I love to use deeper colors like sapphire blue, plum purple, and black, but I also love using a lot of natural light colors in feathers as well. It gets on my last nerve sometimes when I see brands that use the same color scheme and themes over and over and it’s like, where’s the variety, can’t I have some options? I think it’s important to accomplish a good balance between colors and shades within a brand and I think I accomplish that in the variety of my products. Plus I’m always experimenting with different types of feathers and materials so I’ll always be having something new and exciting coming out.

I believe you pitched a tent for FT at Warped Tour this year! How was it? Were customers satisfied with your products?
I did have a tent for Warped Tour! We were on the Mountain View, CA & Marysville, CA dates. It was honestly a blast. Last year was the first Warped Tour I ever attended and this year I vended on it with the store I built and created myself so that was honestly a dream come true. I’m not going to lie, the kids were totally digging the feathers, haha. The whole music scene and the types of kids that come out to Warped every year are basically 75% of my entire customer base and the types of kids I’m trying to expose my business to so that was an awesome opportunity and I honestly cannot wait for next year to be on a ton more dates.

Can you give us a hint for your Fall line? Can you give us a hint as to what will be featured?
I’m actually still designing most of the fall line so there isn’t too much to hint at, but I can promise there will be awesome fall/winter-like colors and some cool designs!

How long has FT been active for?
FT started on July 2nd, 2010 when I purchased my very first feathers to start making clips, so last summer was the founding of what it is now!

I understand that you currently only have one shirt design for sale, which is the “We Are The Dreamers” tee. Will you be expanding your clothing section of your store with other apparel within the next few months?
I am hoping to come out with another shirt or so very soon, I’ve got tons of ideas but they’re taking time to be put into actions and actual pieces. But I AM hoping to have some new apparel soon so be on the lookout for that!

I also believe that you do custom orders? Can you explain a little about that?
I do take custom orders, I have a form up on my site where the customer copies/pastes it into an email and fills it out according to what they’d like in their clip. It’s quite simple and usually the customer will supply me with the length and general colors they’d like, and give me some creative reign on how I think it will work best. But I do take specific orders too when they’re generally possible to make.

Thanks Amanda! Anything else you’d like to say that I missed?
Just be on the lookout for the Fall Line coming out sometime in late September or early October! Plus we have free shipping when you spend $25, so that’s always awesome! Use the code “FRSHP25” at checkout to apply the discount.

By Bianca Delicata


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