Silverback Gorilla Records reissues “10 Code” by Villains (Yüth Forever) on vinyl for first time ever

Upstart Chicagoland-based record label Silverback Gorilla Records is preparing their first release on vinyl record this morning in the form of debut record 10 Code by Villains (known as Yüth Forever on further releases).

The first release on vinyl for the label (as well as the album itself), the Chicago street-metal band provides filthy breakdowns and moshing to your heart’s content in the 26 and a half minutes of music. Variants include:

  • Clear with black swirl
  • Sunglass brown with black swirl
  • Clear with brown, blue, and white swirl (Mourning Records exclusive)
  • Handmade “10” Alt Cover with random variant

Additional details will be revealed this morning via SGR’s social media, which can be accessed via


The Mourning Records variant can be purchased via upon release.

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