Robbie Agnew premieres new single “Memories”

Hailing from Canada, Robbie Agnew is certainly a gem in the current music scene.  Alongside his new single “Slipping Away,” which has captured our attention, his blissful sound is an artistic creation that you will not soon forget.  “Slipping Away,” is the perfect first taste of the artist, as he has new music coming down the pipeline.  His voice is angelic and the gentle instruments placed throughout the song fit his vocals like a glove.  Agnew became interested in singing when he was 12 years old.  He auditioned for a school play by singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and won the part of a singing gangster.  The play director and fellow students were surprised by Robbie’s solid vocal pitch and soaring vocals and encouraged him to continue singing.  When he was 14 he joined a school talent show and sang an original song he and some friends wrote.  The student body loved the song and began referring to Robbie as “the Singer”.  He continued performing in Plays, Church concerts and eventually joined and was a finalist in a local singing competition, Raise Your Voice Singing Competition.  This led to more gigs and contract with 360 Entertainment.  Robbie is working on new material and hopes to begin releasing his songs soon.  In the meantime he continues writing, performing and working towards his goal of creating music full time.  The result is a perfectly crafted song that will have you craving more.  Today sees the release of Agnew’s new single “Memories.”  Throughout the song he brings a bold and beautiful sound to the table.  His heavenly vocals weave perfectly with the instruments of the track that will have you craving more. “Memories was a song that really mesmerized me once I heard Maroon 5 play it on the radio.  I thought that the song would sound beautiful with a piano backing the vocals, so the next day I booked studio time at Riggi Media Int. Studios and recorded the track in two takes.  The sampling of canon in D over Adam Levine’s lyrics really made for memorable moments, and the last 30 seconds of the song really gave me room to experiment with my voice melodically.  I am really proud of the end product and I hope everyone enjoys my cover of Memories”.  The follow up to “Slipping Away,” which grabbed our attention, we can expect more goodies from Robbie Agnew this year.  Bringing his own songs and arrangements to life, he will captivate your ears right away.   You can follow Robbie Agnew and stay up-to-date on all upcoming artist, music and tour news via the following links:

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