Review: Have You Heard’s ‘take.create.revive.’

 Residing in Nashville, TN, the pop-punk band Have You Heard has been busy releasing their sophomore EP, take.create.revive.  Venturing further from their debut Where You Want Me, Have You Heard explores the vast universe that is pop-punk, and the results do not disappoint.

Including four tracks,  take.create.revive. draws you in with “374” and does not let go.  With familiar elements of old Blink-182 and Taking Back Sunday, each individual song has its own charm.  “Eleven’s” gang vocals and capturing chorus is a staple on the EP and is sure to become quite a crowd favorite. “Burned Away” exhibits Jeff Moore’s emotional vocal range to its extent and while the last track – holding the same name as the EP – “take.create.revive.”,   embraces the whole theme of the EP with the beautiful gang vocals singing “take, create, revive, breathe the breath of life. Take what is broken and bring it to life.”

Have You Heard’s surprisingly solid sound has made an impact in the genre that is pop-punk and I can only see their future as a band progressing.  Even offering up their latest release for free download, it’s only a matter of time before you can spot them on national tours.

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By Megan Leetz




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