Nessa release their latest single “Sovay”

Nessa brings the best kind of surprise to any music event.  Combining whimsy with serious musicianship, Nessa can put audiences into a trance or up on their feet dancing.  Nessa is classified as World Music/Celtic Inspired, yet this genre definition limits the experience.  A Nessa show or album will take you on a wild journey, as the music is fusion in the truest sense.  It is what you get when you put highly trained classical, jazz, folk, Emmy winners, Grammy winners and world musicians in the same ensemble.  Fresh out of the studio recording Nessa’s third full album “Otherworld” (to be released March 2020), Kelly McDermott continues to shine.  This is her finest work yet.  Book ended by a successful crowd funding campaign at the beginning of recording and a near fatal car accident at the end, “Otherworld” guides listeners into a safe harbor of sound. Enchanting flute melodies merge with deep, pulsing Caribbean rhythms. Witty stories of empowered women fade into gentle waves of water music.  Believing that music is the antidote to our chaotic world, Kelly goes to her core to celebrate womankind who is finding her truth while bravely resisting outdated patterns.  This music is a prayer for our beautiful planet and humankind as we approach the threshold of a consciousness shift.  Nessa has been compared to Loreena McKennitt, Brian Eno, and Enya.  Kelly and her band bring charm and delight to listeners of all ages.



It’s very rare to find an artist who connects with a social cause so much that she inputs those inspirations into her music in order to continue to inspire other people.  Nessa is not your typical musicians, in fact some would dare to call them storytellers who dare to express themselves through music!  Nessa recently released the second track “Sovay” from band leader Kelly McDermott’s newest album Otherworld.  McDermott is the mastermind behind the music and the creative mind behind the topics in which she chooses to incorporate into her music.  Half of the songs on her new album are about charismatic and revolutionary women who are pushing against the social norms that are forced upon them.  “Sovay” tells the story of a female who dresses like a man and robs her fiancé at gunpoint in order to see if he would hand over the diamond ring she had given him.  Listeners are left wondering, what kind of “true” relationship did Sovay and her lover really have?  The band is also comprised of members Rob Crozier, Dan Palmer, Mike List and Stefan Kukuruga. You can follow Nessa and stay up-to-date on all upcoming artist, music and tour news via the following links:

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