MisterWives “SUPERBLOOM” in 2020 with newest album

One of my newly listened to bands MisterWives premiered their third album on July 24. The indie pop-rock band truly delivered on the album SUPERBLOOM. In the crazy times were living in, music is truly a godsend.  In this album we get a mixture of rock, pop, soul and all around in true MisterWives fashion funk. The album features 19 tracks, 5 of them from their EP Mini Bloom. All of the tracks are personal and I love that in music. This album will have you crying even if you don’t want to and by the last track have you dancing. SUPERBLOOM is such an amazing journey we get to hear and witness from beginning to end.

You can view and listen to the full track list below on Spotify

I’m a sucker for emotional ballads. With the track “Valentine’s Day” Mandy Lee gets really personal and isn’t holding anything back. Some of the scenarios in life, good or bad deliver the best music. This track is one of my personal favorites. In this particular track we can get a glimpse into Mandy’s world with lyrics “Eight years, eight years, eight whole years |So tell me, how did we end up right here?|Retrace my steps to see what I should have changed |To say I do, but you were through, oh, it makes me feel ashamed |You say we lost the spark |You left me in the dark |I’m crying, you don’t turn back like I need you to |Nobody walks away the way you do.” This is true heart-brake.

In the track “rock bottom” we get a sense of someone spiraling out of control, but at the same time realizing what’s happening and decides enough is enough. This is where the album starts to take a turn. When someone loses control and decides to take it back it’s truly amazing!

You can check out the video to rock bottom below.


I saved the best for last SUPERBLOOM” brings this album full circle. It’s  a celebration of overcoming the obstacles that originally meant to bring you down. This track is so freeing you can hear it in every note. The birth of a new beginning. Lee’s attitude takes a completely 180 from the first trackthe end.” 

Check out the amazing video below!

If you haven’t listened to this album just go ahead and do it now! The fact that the band decided to take such an emotional situation and roll with it to make this incredible album is powerful in itself. Tears, anger, resentment and resilience all played a part in making this album possible. I’d recommend this album to anyone in a tough spot who needs reminding there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You too can SUPERBLOOM.

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