Indie singer-songwriter Zack King releases shimmering summer bop “Butterfly Face”

Out in the suburbs of Minnesota, the winters are long, harsh, and biting.  However, it all feels a little warmer with local singer-songwriter Zack King around.  Life is simpler out there, and he, armed with an acoustic guitar and a heart of gold, just wants everyone to stop for a moment and take it all in.  A fanatic for ‘90s nostalgia a la Matchbox Twenty, Zack toyed around with music his whole life before turning it into a professional pursuit after graduating college.  Like many, he found himself feeling lost after graduation, and turned to his music to confront those feelings.  “I found peace and happiness through creating music,” he shares.  In 2020, King released his debut album Mess, a moving collection inspired by past relationships, everyday challenges, and the never-ending pursuit to become the person he was meant to be.  It’s an album that marked personal and professional triumph for the artist, showcasing a remarkable vulnerability that immediately captivated a devoted fan base of listeners.  “Suddenly I didn’t feel as alone,” he explains about his journey in bringing the album to fruition.  “A weight was lifted off my shoulders when I was able to be honest with how I felt about myself, and my life at that moment.”





Now working with Matt Grosso at Cloverleaf Audio-Visual, Zack returns in 2021 to delight his audience with another alluring release, a five-track EP that promises to strike admirers of his first album with the same poignant lyrics and nostalgic melodies that originally won them over.  At the same time, the EP achieves an elevated sound, offering an engaging experience that is sure to enthrall the hearts of new listeners and transform them into lifelong fans.  Although his latest songs share themes with those he addressed in his debut album, they also demonstrate the tremendous growth that King has experienced over the past year and see the singer-songwriter letting go of the past in order to look toward the exhilarating promise of the future while exploring exciting moments in life and love.  Leading the EP is the single “Butterfly Face,” a colorful and moving track that asks listeners to remember someone who has opened their eyes to the world around them.  This, at the heart of it, is King’s strongest message and deepest desire.


“Have you ever met someone that’s opened your eyes to the world around you? Someone who shows you how beautiful this world can be, and all of its endless possibilities? Someone who takes the gray out of your dull skies, and replaces them with happiness and hope? “Butterfly Face” is about meeting that special someone that sets you free. When you see her, you feel like you’re able to finally break out of your shell, or open up from your cocoon; like a butterfly.”





“I want to be remembered as a caring, outgoing person who treated everyone equally,” King shares. “As someone who can make others feel uplifted through my music.  If I can do that, I’ll know I’ve fulfilled my purpose.” You can connect with Zack King via the following links.  Photo credit: Dana Leigh Photography.


Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud | iTunes/Apple Music | YouTube | Deezer | Bandcamp


Zack also has some upcoming show dates in the Minnesota area:
August 5th – Minneapolis Airport / 4:30pm

August 7th – Wabasha Brewing Co / 6:00pm-Indianapolis, IN
August 14th – Rustech Brewing / 6:00pm-Monticello, MN
August 20th – 10k Brewing / 7:00pm-Anoka, MN
August 24th – OMNI Brewing / 6:00pm-Maple Grove, MN
August 27th – Dual Citizen Brewing / 7:00pm-St. Paul, MN
August 28th – Chankaska Creek Winery / 12:00pm-Kasota, MN
August 28th – Wabasha Brewing Co / 6:00pm-Indianapolis, IN

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