Hollywood Cemetery premiere their new single “Seventeen”

Hollywood Cemetery is the product of a decade long friendship and a group’s obsession for their music. Because they have all learned and progressed as musicians together, and played so many shows together, they have created a band that’s always on the same page.  Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Hollywood Cemetery have been creating quite a stir on the indie circuit. Known for their infectious and vibrant live shows, the group’s 3-song EP, Sweet Dreams, due out on October 31st, is a true labor of love.  The release brings to life the essence of the band, one note at a time.  Today sees the premiere of the band’s latest single “Seventeen”.   “Our dream is to create a sound that is different and something people love as much as we do.  We have finished 7 songs, the first 3 will be released on October 31.  “Seventeen” is a special song and has definitely gotten a lot of attention from our fans. We hope you love it too”, says the band.  Hollywood Cemetery is comprised of Ryan Fischer (lead singer), Joran Reinecke (guitar), Jeremiah Martin (guitar), Caleb Hutchins (bass) and Parker Reinecke (drums).  You can follow the band and stay up-to-date on all upcoming news via Facebook and Instagram.


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