Dirty Snowman Society premiere their music video for “Say Nothing”

Dirty Snowman Society’s latest EP Snowblind is a testament to their versatility as an influential rock band.  Sharing today their new video for “Say Nothing,” the band is at their best.  Versatile and distinguished the release truly shows their ingenuity as an indie rock band.  Each song has a specific message that is filled with motivation with a dash of quick wit.  Taking inspiration from classic rock bands of the past year’s past, the band also blends genres such as progressive rock, classic rock, and grunge.  Their songs are always timely and relevant, and “Say Nothing” is no different.  The live version of the track shows the essence of the band, musically and spiritually, and has us missing the live show experience a whole lot more.


“The anthemic, “Say Nothing,” epitomizes the Dirty Snowman Society aesthetic.  It seamlessly mixes the lysergic musicality of Cream, the brawny riffage of Led Zeppelin, and the rousing dynamics of Smashing Pumpkins.  The tune’s imaginative arrangement features a moody arabesque breakdown and guitar solos that are both funky and fluid.  This rousing tune is a timely call to arms—if you say nothing you’ll be nothing.”



Dirty Snowman Society, co-founded by guitarist/co-songwriter Chris Todoroff, furthers the classic rock continuum with contemporary touches of grunge and alt-rock; purple psychedelic hues; and sprinkles of sinewy world-beat grooves often courtesy of percussionist Bashiri Johnson (Sting, Aretha Franklin, Steve Winwood).  Adding to the group’s mojo is a rural bravado informed by a vigorous outdoor lifestyle.  Brand new drummer Perry Senn is a notorious touring musician and has shared the stage with the likes of Chuck Berry.  The band’s smoldering emotive musicality recalls Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and other beacons of the 1990s riff rock revival.  Lyrically, the band touches on everyday life struggles, politics, and romance.  For Frank Costantini (vocalist / drummer / co-songwriter), who has had a successful professional career as a writer in advertising, working on original music unlocked a flow of words he had never previously accessed.  For most of the guys in Dirty Snowman Society, the band is a chance to reclaim a love of rock n’ roll, and share the joy of music with others.  You can connect with Dirty Snowman Society via the following links:


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