Demi’s Comeback


Last night after celebrating her own birthday and opening tons of gifts, nineteen year-old Demi Lovato gave her fans a present of their own. Lovato tweeted to her followers to head over to and after putting a few things together fans discovered three things:

  1. The title of her new album: Unbroken
  2. The release date of the album: 9/20/11
  3. And of course the album art!
‘Unbroken’ is the third album from the young singer/songwriter and the first after her tragic break down recovery last year. It was only about a year ago that Lovata left her hit TV show Sonny with A Chance to focus on personal issues. Later it Lovato came out and said that she was seeking help in a rehab for several issues, including bipolarity.
Not to long ago Lovato released her first single ‘Skyscraper‘, an emotional song about over coming the challenges of life. The song automatically went number one and shorty after had it’s music released.
Are you excited for the new album? Would you consider this a comeback?

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