Bush // Northfield Park, OH // 02.10.2023

MGM Northfield Park
Northfield Park, OH
February 10, 2023


Friday night the 90s returned to the MGM Northfield Park when rockers Bush played to a sold-out crowd.

They started the set with “Identity” off their latest album, “The Art Of Survival“, which was followed by all the hits the fans wanted to hear.

Frontman Gavin Rossdale ran and jumped on stage non-stop during the full set and I kept wishing I had just half of his energy. Despite being 57 years old, he was in better shape than I have ever been and his vocals were 100% on point. It was a joy to see him and his bandmates enjoy what they do.

During “Flowers On A Grave” Rossdale jumped off the stage and made his way through the audience hugging and high-fiving fans along the way. On his way back from visiting the fans in the bleachers he came through my row and made my seat neighbor’s night by giving her a big hug. She would not stop smiling the rest of the evening and it was definitely hard for her to “come back down from this cloud”.

After a fantastic 90-minute set the band ended with “Comedown” and the entire crowd sang along as loudly as they could.



Blood River
The Chemicals Between Us
Bullet Holes
The Sound of Winter
Flowers on a Grave
Everything Zen
1000 Years
Heavy Is the Ocean
More Than Machines
Little Things

The Kingdom



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