Alexander 23 releases video for new track “IDK You Yet”

Chicago-born and LA-based pop musician Alexander Glantz, better known by his moniker Alexander 23, has been creating a major buzz since signing with Interscope Records and releasing his debut single “Dirty AF1’s” early last year.  Soon after it’s release, he was invited out on Alec Benjamin’s sold-out North American “Outrunning Karma Tour”, leading him to increase his already growing fanbase.  Having released several singles since then, he sets himself apart in the industry through his ability to play multiple instruments that include the drums, bass, guitar and piano, creating a unique sound of his own.  Although he can play many different instruments, his true love is songwriting, aiming to write songs that are completely accurate and honest to him.  Although many of his songs deal with heavy topics such as heartbreak and depression, he presents them in an upbeat way, with his lyrics reflecting his honesty while also leaving people feeling hopeful.  Having initially moved to LA to do songwriting production for other people, a sense of unfulfillment led him to start writing songs and making videos for himself.  Writing and producing music that is relatable to so many people has set him on a fast track to success.  On October 25th of last year, Alexander 23 released his debut EP I’m Sorry I Love You, an album that, despite having a label, he produced entirely himself.  With goals as a producer, separate from his goals as an artist, he loves producing music for others.



He recently released his new beautiful track “IDK You Yet” that he wrote during these crazy times and today sees the release of his music video for the track.  He uploaded the track to Tik Tok randomly and it has taken off, with currently over 13m streams on Spotify, his biggest song yet.  He’s currently on the cover of Spotify’s Pop Rising as well is currently rising on Spotify’s Top 200 chart.  He also just made it to #8 on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart which is wild.  You can follow Alexander 23 and stay up-to-date with all upcoming news and music, as well as stream and purchase his music, via the following links:


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