Album Review: Falling Awake’s ‘In A Bad Dream EP’

Falling Awake has released their EP “In A Bad Dream” on iTunes. Be sure to go pick it up.

This EP features five intriguing songs that will capture your mind. Having being a band for a little bit over a year, they have already played shows with Anarbor, The Right Coast, and more.

In A Bad Dream starts off with the band’s single “Ripped Off” (which they have a music video of out now… check it out!) which introduces the listener to what Falling Awake is. Although it may start out sounding like a typical pop-punk song once the vocals start it is clear that Falling Awake is doing something different. Perhaps it’s the lack of the high-pitched over- autotuned voice, but Nick Beaty’s voice goes perfect with the music and melodies. The song that sticks out the most to myself is “Alibis’ which is the perfect song to get the listener hyped up. Through this EP it is easy to tell that Falling Awake is an extremely talented band. Be sure to pick up In A Bad Dream when it comes out, I promise that you won’t regret it. If you are in the Southern California area be sure to catch Falling Awake when they play a show near you! Look out for them in the future as they are guaranteed to make a mark in 2011!

by Cynthia Lam
photo by Ingrid Shine 

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