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With the launch of our new website on July 31st, 2011, we are now offering advertising space for bands, labels, and clothing lines alike. We receive an average of 400 readers per issue, along with over 3700 unique visitors each month. You can check out the space available and pricing below. If you are interested please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can provide you with more information about our website and set this up.


Ad – 300 x 250 px
Bottom right corner of every page and post.
You can have up to five different slides (optional).
Banner Ad – 780 x 90
Top of the page beside the Stitched Sound logo, on every page and post.
Up to five different slides (optional)


Design Help

We have several staff members who are extremely talented artists and graphic designers. If you need help with designing an ad, we can definitely help you out.
$10 – $50 (Cost will vary)

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