Win a 8 x 10 print of John O’Callaghan

Today marks the 23rd birthday of John O’Callaghan from The Maine. We will be giving away a free print of John O’Callaghan by one of our photographers Lainey LaMonto. The rules can be seen below!

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3. Comment on this post with your favourite memory of The Maine and/or how they’ve influenced you!

A winner will be picked at random on August 7th, 2011.

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5 thoughts on “Win a 8 x 10 print of John O’Callaghan

  1. This is just one of my favorite memories but it relates to John so… I met him at the Cincinnati date on their tour with Augustana and I usually buy The Maine candy. Well, it’s never really been said what John likes but I know he likes chocolate covered pretzels so I got him Pretzel M&M’s because he said something about them in an interview. It was a giant bag of them. And after walking up and having him being excited to see ME (which was just icing on the cake), I gave him the candy and he got so overly excited. He was like, “YOU JUST FOUND THE WAY TO MY HEART. Seriously. I love you so much right now.” And he hugged me instantly. He’s seriously a sweetheart. A lot of people think he’s a typical lead singer that cares more about himself than fans but he’s not like that at all. Oh and Happy Birthday, John. 🙂

  2. My name is Tyler. I’ve been listening to the maine for about three years now.
    Oh my gosh, what an inspiration John has become to me. I’ve written two songs based off his type of writing, and the way he does it. I love him, and I am really at shock of how great this photo is. It’s a shame that John oh & The maine don’t really come to Canada often, and the last time they did i totally didn’t get a chance to see them. I’m sure the Memory will come one day, but It’s his birthday today. I hope this Comment shows some gratitude for his birthday. #1 Idol. 🙂 Lainey, You are incredible at what you do.

  3. I’m not sure this counts as a memory but my favorite memory of The Maine is the fact that they were the first band I ever saw live at my first concert going to Warped Tour 2009 and that my best friend and I have seen them every year since then. I admit that I hadn’t known them very well when I first saw them but they have grown on me over the years and I’ve come to absolutely love their music and everything they stand for. It really goes to show that sometimes, the things you learn to love and respect in life aren’t always the things that have an outstanding first impression, but is something that grows on you. I also love their devotion to their fans and they make every effort to come out and get to know as many as possible–it kind of reminds you to not only thank the ones who have supported you since day one, but the ones that have recently decided you are worth the investment of faith. I just think it’s amazing that despite the years, they have never forgotten their roots.

  4. Well I’ve only ever seen the guys once live (and I didn’t even get to meet them) since they’ve only had one show here in the Philippines, sadly enough, but I can be sure that that was the best concert I’ve ever been to.
    But if I could talk about a memory with the Maine that doesn’t necessarily involve them it would be the time when I was taking a walk in Portland, Dorset, and I was listening to their whole discography. By some stroke of luck just as I came to this huge expanse of grassy fields, “Free” came on. I dropped my things, except for the iPod and started running, jumping and spinning. It was such a perfect moment and something I’ll never forget. So happy birthday to John Ohh, growing up won’t bring you down.

  5. WELLLLLL… I know, highschool is always a rough time for every teen.. but durning my highschool years.. The Maine kinda saved me through a rough patch.. I went through rehab and everything a 15 or 16 year old shouldn’t go through… loss.. and the maine was always my home in music because they knew what happiness and sadness was.. what hardship and forgiveness was.. they knew what life was. I love the maine. lol.

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