What Sparked Your Interest: Pádraig Cooney of Land Lovers

land lovers

We recently caught up with Pádraig Cooney of Dublin-based pop band Land Lovers just before the release of their brand new album, The Rooks Have Returned, and he opened up about his late start in the music scene and who he owes his musical awakening to.

Speaking personally, I was a relative latecomer to bands. I only started my first band when I was 21 or 22. I had been writing songs since I was about 14 though, I was just ignorant of the ways in which a person might go about starting a band. Anyway, my musical awakening came with a lot of bad English bands of the mid-90s, but also with the likes of REM and Nick Cave, who have stuck with me all the way.

You can buy their brand new album, The Rooks Have Returned, here.

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Interview by Rachael Dowd

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