What Sparked Your Interest: Jayden Seeley and Luke Rockets of With Confidence


Sitting down with Jayden Seeley and Luke Rockets ahead of their performance at last month’s Slam Dunk Fest in Birmingham, England, the members of With Confidence opened about what made them want to become musicians at a young age.

Luke: I have the most distinct memory of this. For me, I would have been between the ages of six and seven and saw the music video for “All The Small Things” by Blink-182 playing on TV. I remember, for some reason, strongly identifying with them and wanting to do what they did.

Jayden: My parents bought my sister like a really shitty Casio keyboard for Christmas one year when I was about six or seven and she played it for like a week and hated it. I thought it was pretty cool so I started learning the pre-set songs on the Casio keyboard and that’s what got me into music for sure.

Their debut full-length album, Better Weather, is out now!

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Read our exclusive interview with Jayden and Luke in our brand new Warped Tour digital issue.

Photo and interview by Rachael Dowd

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