Tove Lo and Jax Jones collaborate, release new song “Jacques”

Swedish pop singer Tove Lo has partnered with British dance music sensation, Jax Jones, to drop the perfect end of summer tune “Jacques.” The song is featured on both Tove Lo’s forthcoming record Sunshine Kitty (due out Sep 20) and Jax Jones’ album SNACKS (due out Sep 6.)

The collaboration between the two artists had been in the works for quite some time, after stemming from a mutual admiration for each other’s work. “Jacques” details a fun and flirty exchange, narrated by Lo, about a fling she had with a Frenchman named Jacques. The alluring anecdote and sultry pop vocals are underpinned by an underground heavy house beat and catchy bassline making nod to Jax’s deep house roots.

When discussing “Jacques”, Jax Jones says, ““It’s one of my favorite new tracks from my album SNACKS (Supersize) because it alludes back to my deep house background. If you liked my first song ‘I Got U’ then this is for you. It’s got a fire bassline which in order to create I channeled the late great Jerry Barnes. So if you like it funky. Check it out”.

Tove Lo says of “Jaques”, “I’ve had House Work on repeat, we use it as our amp up song on tour before going on stage! I’ve wanted to work with Jax for a long time and our two days in London were some of the most fun and awesome sessions I’ve had. He played different ideas and tracks and I would just get in my zone and improvise melodies til I sang something we all loved. Writing the lyrics together was a lot of fun. Jacques is about a one-night fling with a French dude. It’s raw and cheeky, because that’s what that night was. This is the club banger on my new album Sunshine Kitty”.

You can listen to the new track below and pre-order Sunshine Kitty here.

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