The Maine release “Bad Behavior” music video

The Maine just released a music video for their song “Bad Behavior” that can be streamed below. The track is off of their forthcoming album, Lovely, Little, Lonely, out April 7th.

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9 thoughts on “The Maine release “Bad Behavior” music video

  1. That’s a great video!! The music is very different from what the band has been doing and I think you’ll be a great new era!

  2. The Maine never disappoint their fans. Another amazing music video. Can’t wait for their new album!

  3. Overall awesome video! Captures the vibe of the song while letting the memories of 8123 Fest live on for a long while!

  4. Love the video. Not only does it bring back great memories of an awesome weekend, but it showcases the guys personalities so well. And the song is a hit as well!

  5. Sad I couldn’t make it to 8123 Fest but I’m so excited to see what else The Maine has up their sleeves for the rest of 2017!

  6. probably one of my favorite videos to date!! it was very well done and i am so excited about what else these boys have up their sleeve ?

  7. They just keep getting better! This music video and song is just amazing! Love them and proud of where they have come with their music. I never wanna stop listening.

  8. This video represents everything I love about The Maine! I absolutely can’t wait for Lovely Little Lonely to be released. One more month!

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