Stitched Sound is hiring in the UK


Stitched Sound is hiring! We are looking for dedicated and talented writers, photographers and interviewers that are based in major cities around the UK!

If are interested in joining the team, please send your CV, cover letter and the following information to [email protected]

For writers/interviewers: send up to 5 writing samples (PDFs only please) and/or links to past work with publications/websites (if applicable) for review.

For photographers: send your portfolio and links to past work with publications/website (if applicable) for review.

There is no deadline for applying with Stitched Sound at this time, but an announcement will be made when we have filled the positions we are looking for so apply soon!

Please allow up to two weeks to receive a response about your application.

For those applying specifically in the London area, in person interviews may be conducted if your application makes it to the next stage. All other UK applications should prepare for video chat interviews.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Rachael Dowd, Stitched Sound’s UK Editor, at [email protected]

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