San Francisco shoegaze band TREASVRE release their latest single “Storm”

San Francisco Bay Area natives TREASVRE blend elements of post-rock and shoegaze with rich synth textures, heavy guitar riffs, and electronic rhythms, and they recently celebrated the release of their hypnotizing new single, “Storm”, which dropped on June 25th. It’s a powerful new single that tells the story of holding a loved one accountable.

“Storm” is a conversation between lovers that starts slow, but quickly ramps up to a powerful ultimatum,” the band explains. “The first voice in the song revels in their own reckless dysfunction, lazily appealing to their partner to accept them, along with all their flaws. The second voice demands action, essentially saying, “look, you have to deal with your emotional baggage if this relationship is going to continue.”

“It’s a message about owning up to our toxic traits and being compelled to be better people for the sake of the ones we love. It isn’t always easy admitting to our own faults, let alone doing the work to change them — but it’s so important to take care of our relationships and ourselves by maintaining our mental health and striving to be the best versions of who we are.”




Vocalists Samantha Peña and Sabrina Simonton create wistful harmonies that underscore the themes of nostalgia, melancholy, and hopefulness found in their lyrics. The drama and depth conveyed by the music creates a distinctly cinematic quality — one that captures the complex range of human emotion in beautiful and inspiring ways and begs to be experienced live. You can connect with TREASVRE via the following links:


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