Brandon Phillips and The Condition premiere their new song and music video for “Sunrise”

“There was a certain style of songwriting and performance that I had always wanted to do but had never taken the plunge,” says Brandon Phillips, central figure in Kansas City, Missouri’s pop-soul group, Brandon Phillips and The Condition.  In response to that unscratched artistic itch, Phillips began writing and recording in 2015 with the help of his brothers Zach Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits) and Adam Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits, Radar State) and enlisting the help of various KC area musicians along the way to flesh out a sound that was equal parts Get Happy-era Elvis Costello and early Motown.  In 2016, the first, official lineup of BP+C came together and started rehearsing for their first batch of shows.  The pedigree of the lineup then, now and always – including members of bands like The Architects, Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type, The Roseline, The Gadjits, Hi Lux and Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear– speaks volumes to the force with which BP+C hit the ground running.  The group is back to get some sweat beading up and get some new music out into the world, with plans to do a new single every month all summer long!  For July it’s “Sunrise” – The Applied Sciences Team here are Brandon Phillips and The Condition HQ who traveled back in time to 1968 to bring back this communiqué about self-love disguised as acid-drenched, boho soul.  Check out the fun music video below that is well worth watching in all it’s glory!  You can connect with Brandon Phillips and The Condition via the following links:



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