Better Off Drop Off Tour Following Sexual Allegations


Better Off has dropped off their current tour with Mayday Parade and The Maine following sexual allegations made against bassist David Hobbs. You can read the full statement from the band below. The allegations were made in a Facebook post from Kayla Phillips, a former Bleed The Pigs bandmate of Hobbs.

“Today I feel deep sadness and frustration like never before in my life. My good and long time friend, who is currently filling in on bass for Better Off, has been wrongly accused in a situation that I will leave alone because it is not necessarily my business or my place to address them. But, I will reiterate my connection/love for David is tremendous.

Due to these accusations, we were recommended to ask David to leave our current tour if we wanted to remain a part of it. I cannot and will not allow David to feel alone in this mess, regardless of how it affects my band or my career. So, to remain close to and care for those I hold dearly to my heart, we have decided to leave the tour.

We would all like to focus on the love and care that it takes to hold up our friends and community in a time like this so, most likely, the band will be going silent for the foreseeable future. I want to thank every person that has ever helped us or supported us in any way. You all are an inspiration to me and all of the Better Off team. I can only hope everyone loosely involved can be shown the respect they deserve regardless of what goes on online.

Here’s what I’ve learned from this – if there is in fact a purpose to living, it is to love the people you care about as unconditionally as possible. You can’t allow a person to break your spirit or the spirit of those around you. To those that have been hurt (aka every living person) – please listen when I say that positivity will help you through anything. It’s so difficult, but keep your head up and continue to do what you love as best you can. Every single person is worthy of time, attention, and love.

Lastly, get off the internet. It’s not your reality. Good luck to all those who continue to pursue what they love in the spotlight and try to withstand the constant critiquing of their character.

The vibe is always right. No matter what.

-Luke & Better Off”


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