Alton Allen releases his latest single “Stride”

Now going under the moniker Alton Allen, singer/songwriter Alton San Giovanni is no newcomer to the music industry.  As Niteppl, Alton performed throughout the Bay Area with artists such as Kygo, Porter Robinson, SebastiAn, and Hermitude.  Since first making his musical debut back in 2013, Alton released a trilogy of records each serving as distinct chapters in his self-contained musical narrative. 
 After completing his planned trilogy of albums, Alton took a hiatus from Niteppl in 2017 to perform with Icelandic band Low Roar across Europe and North America.  
In the fall of 2018, Alton was invited to collaborate with Poolside, contributing to their songs “Greatest City” and “Sunrise Strategies.”  In 2020 Alton announced that he would begin going under the artist name Alton Allen and that he would release the Bad Magick LP on Popgang Records in 2021.  



Alton Allen recently released his latest single “Stride”.  The single features dexterous acoustic guitar, piano, and insistent percussion.  Intricately weaving together a cobweb of Allen’s past mistakes and the turmoil of his daily life, his emotive vocals powerfully drive the song forward.  At its core, “Stride” is about accepting, although not excusing the past and finding a way to push forward even when the road seems too rocky to continue.  Deeply introspective, the song recalls the ups and down of his music industry career and his experience living on the outskirts of modern society.  The lyrics “Take it in with every stride, I’m just a lone low-life living on the line” set the tone as listeners prepare for a journey into his psyche.  “Stride” seems to draw its influence from tracks such as the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” characterized by blaring acoustic guitar and the feeling of locomotion. “Stride” is out now on indie electronic emblem Popgang Records.

“As human beings we’re only the summation of the memories printed within ourselves. Our facial features, eyes, and bodies are just the memories our parents gave us when we were born. Our minds are an archive of experiences, and this song was my way of peeling back a bit of a band-aid on my own past life. Sunlight is sometimes the best disinfectant. One aspect of this song I find really important is the idea of shining light on things that you’d rather keep in the shadows.” – Alton Allen



You can connect with Alton Allen via Spotify | Instagram | Facebook

You can connect with Popgang Records via Website | Instagram | Facebook


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