Vancouver indie artist Victoria Groff releases new single “Hope, Wish, Pray”

Vancouver based indie artist Victoria Groff has been writing music for the past 10 years, an activity that she says has helped to keep her sane.  Ready to start sharing her songs with the world, she released her debut single “Sun and Moon”, an ode to dealing with a difficult relationship and the beauty within personal growth and hope, earlier this year.  Her honest and vulnerable lyrics have been likened to diary entries that reveal her inner most thoughts and feelings.  Her debut collection of songs explore the events and chapters of her life that have made her the person she is today.  With themes of love, heartbreak, and grief, the themes that are interwoven within Groff’s songs are topics that many of us can relate to and achieve her goal of reminding her listeners that they are not alone in this life.  2019 saw Groff practicing various acoustic covers and original songs, leading to the opportunity to collaborate and produce with other artists.  These opportunities helped to advance her music career and the desire to keep making music.





Groff recently released her latest single called “Hope, Wish, Pray”, which, says Groff, was written last fall “when I was experiencing a lot of change and felt like I couldn’t get a grasp on anything. I had just lost someone close to me, had seriously injured my knee and was off work, and was starting my music career; aka, I was a big bundle of emotions, and songwriting is what kept me afloat. “Hope, Wish, Pray” is a song I think a lot of people can relate to with the events that have happened in the past year, whether that was losing someone, losing your job or changing your entire routine due to the pandemic. My goal with releasing this song is to help others feel a little more understood and a little less alone.”  The song was produced by Sal and Pete of Sound of Kalima, and you can hear fellow Vancouver musician Chris Clute on background vocals towards the end of the song!  “Hope, Wish, Pray” provides listeners with a dark indie chill vibe.  You can connect with Victoria Groff via the following links:

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