The Rocket Summer – Houston, TX

If you’re not see The Rocket Summer, States, or The Scene Aesthetic why not? If you’re not planning on see The Rocket Summer, States, or The Scene Aesthetic in the future why not? If you’re not wishing to see The Rocket Summer, States, or The Scene Aesthetic in the future I just have Continue Reading

The Dead Set On Living Tour – 4/7/12 @ Calgary, AB

It’s 2PM on Easter Sunday, and the last place anyone would expect to be is in a grungy bar located within downtown Calgary, rocking out to some wonderful bands. The afternoon’s all-ages show consisted of three bands: A Sight For Sewn Eyes, Touche Amore, and Cancer Bats. All the bands brought very great Continue Reading

Set Your Goals and Cartel – 3/23/12 @ SLO Brewing Company

They all filtered into the SLO Brewery, one by one, with ticket vouchers, and high expectations. The lights were low, and the energy was high, as fans of this stew of bands found places to stand near the soon to be lit stage, or a seat to sit at by Continue Reading

Dead Throne tour – Edmonton AB

With the release of The Devil Wears Prada’s new album Dead Throne, they decided to do a North American tour, and by North American, that means that included the western cities in Canada too (and not just Toronto and Montreal). So of course when it was announced that they would Continue Reading