British-American alt-electronic duo Ready, Steady, Die! confronts the insidious nature of abuse on new single “Settle”. Sophomore album ‘Accidents’ to be released in March of 2022.

Today, Ready, Steady, Die! — the British-American alt-electro duo headed by multi-instrumentalist Morgan Visconti (composer, producer, arranger) and vocalist Sam K (composer, lyricist) — premieres their enigmatic concoction of dream pop, electronica, and cinema-inspired sound with new single and video for their debut, “Settle.”  “Settle” unfolds a narrative rife with empowerment despite harrowing circumstances, detailing the journey from the victim of an abusive relationship to survivor in two parts.  As the track opens, RSD! holds in helplessness, delicate string work bubbling under the steady pulse of a percussive heartbeat.  Yet in a split instant of change, the narrator finds the strength to break free: quiet vocals quickly spill into layered harmonies, bold drums lashing against feelings of fear, closing the track with a heady, Phantogram-style finale.  Sam K’s emotive vocals cry out against the perpetrator, delivering a dark, albeit courageous, message: Broken as you imagine me, These are the wounds that carry me.  The visuals for “Settle” parallel the track’s tone, transitioning from dark, film-noir influenced fear to an empowered escape.



A response to the myriad feelings of anger and fear wrought by the current climate surrounding violence against women, “Settle” is Sam K’s way of confronting both a past personal experience with coercion and the overwhelming surge in domestic violence due to lockdown.  As a part of the track’s rollout, RSD! will support organizations that benefit victims of abuse, including Refuge, EVAWUK, FreeFrom, and many more.  “Settle” is the first taste of what’s to come from Ready, Steady, Die!, whose sophomore record Accidents will be out in March of 2022.  As Sam K’s haunting vocals and dark lyricism contrast with Morgan Visconti’s cinematic orchestration, Accidents strives to take on unsettling themes in stride, searching for control and agency within a world plagued by difficult circumstances and desperation.  You can connect with Ready, Steady, Die! via the following links:



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