Slow Teeth premiere their debut single “Still You Speak”; embark on tour today with Easter Island

Slow Teeth’s debut single, out today, titled “Still You Speak,” took a remarkable journey before its release. The band’s formation and songwriting process began in Saxapahaw, North Carolina during the summer of 2021. Initially, it served as an opportunity for Robert Chamberlain (drums, synthesizers), Justin Ellis (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Jeremy Haire (guitar, vocals) to engage in musical expression with others following the pandemic lockdown, while their previous projects remained on indefinite hiatus. Today also kicks off the group’s double tour with Easter Island, for an impressive selection of venues. As the band’s chemistry flourished and their collaborative identity solidified, they ventured into live performances in March 2022, refining and transforming their improvised post-rock compositions into polished songs that resonated with audiences all along the East Coast. After a year of performing shows and exploring various studios in their home state of North Carolina, the band finally entered the recording process for “Still You Speak” in February 2023. They worked with Sumner James Phillips (known for his work with Bombadil and David Wax Museum) at Mangum Street Grocery in Durham, NC. The song was skillfully mixed and mastered by renowned NC music figure Nick Petersen, who has lent his expertise to artists such as Bon Iver, Bowerbirds, The Dead Tongues, and more.

For those unfamiliar with Slow Teeth, “Still You Speak” serves as an excellent introduction to their captivating sound. The band creates cinematic and dynamic music, skillfully crafted by the combined efforts of three individuals, resulting in a symphony of sound. Their introspective lyrics delve into themes of familial relationships, disillusionment with crumbling institutions, and the relentless passage of time in a seemingly chaotic world. However, Slow Teeth’s repertoire is not solely bleak. Other songs in their catalog draw heavily from a diverse range of musical influences, as well as their love for science fiction literature and films. These compositions seek to ignite a spark that lights the way forward. At its core, Slow Teeth is a group of musicians driven by the desire to create the music they wish already existed. They utilize the catharsis of live performances as the driving force behind their songwriting and sonic landscapes, constantly reaching for artistic heights. Recommended for fans of Radiohead/The Smile, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Volcano Choir, Midlake, The Verve, and an expansive array of other musical styles and genres.


Justin Ellis (vocals/ bass/ keys) shares of the release:


“Still You Speak” was one of the very first songs we put together when we started jamming in June 2021.  In those days we just recorded everything we improvised, then would listen back a few days later and keep any bits that spoke to us to turn into songs. The arpeggiated bass line and the mournful bowed guitar line that mimics the verse vocal melody quickly gave us something to latch on to.  Lyrically, it’s about setting and maintaining boundaries with someone who is giving unsolicited advice, or perhaps talking down to you despite having NO idea what they’re talking about. Though “Still You Speak” is about a specific heated conversation I had with a close relative one Christmas, I think the song is relatable to anyone who’s had a difficult conversation with a parent or sibling or uncle or friend or boss or whatever.  It’s about having to start an argument where the disagreement doesn’t trump the fundamental love or respect you have for each other – which makes the conversation even harder because you’re laying things out in a way that you maybe can’t backtrack from. This song is about taking that leap.”


Slow Teeth, composed of Robert Chamberlain, Justin Ellis, and Jeremy Haire, originates from the NC Triangle. They create original cinematic music that draws inspiration from renowned artists like Radiohead/The Smile, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós, and others. The band made their debut in the live music scene in March 2022 and has since embarked on extensive tours throughout the East Coast. Slow Teeth has had the privilege of sharing stages with esteemed acts such as Xiu Xiu, Holy Fawn, Camp St. Helene, and Merci. They have performed at notable venues and events including Berlin in NYC, Pie Shop in Washington DC, The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro NC, The Pinhook in Durham NC, Asbury Park Yacht Club in Asbury Park NJ, as well as the North Carolina State Fair and the Carrboro Music Festival. In 2023, Slow Teeth has plans to release music produced by Sumner James Phillips (of Bombadil and David Wax Museum) and will continue touring. Check out their upcoming tour dates below with Easter Island! You can connect with Slow Teeth via the following links:





Friday May 19th – Carrboro NC – Cat’s Cradle Back Room
Lineup: Slow Teeth, Easter Island, local opener Winfield


Saturday May 20th – Atlanta GA – The Drunken Unicorn
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth, local opener Mom Friend


Sunday May 21st – Athens GA – The World Famous
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth


Monday May 22nd – Raleigh NC – Longleaf Hotel
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth (Early outdoor show)


Tuesday May 23rd – Baltimore MD – The Crown
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth, local opener Heaven’s Gate


Wednesday May 24th – New York City – Berlin Under A
Lineup: O.Wake (NY), Easter Island, Slow Teeth, Castle Black (NY).  4 bands on the hour starting at 7:00.


Thursday May 25th – Washington DC – The Pocket
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth, Color Palette


Friday May 26th – Asheville NC – Fleetwood’s
Lineup: Easter Island, Slow Teeth, local opener Zillicoah


Slow Teeth Continues the Tour with the Following Dates:


Saturday May 27th – Greensboro NC – The Flatiron
Lineup: Slow Teeth, No One Mind


Sunday May 28th – Durham NC – Rubies on Five Points
Lineup: Slow Teeth, 1970’s Film Stock


Saturday June 10 – Richmond VA – Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
Lineup: Pebbles Palace (RVA), Slow Teeth, Color Palette (DC)

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